Dealing with Difficult Biblical Texts of Creation: The Call to be EarthKeepers
Ever wonder what to do with those difficult Biblical texts from Genesis 1-2 focused on dominion and subduing the Earth. This Earth Day sermon by Rev. Andrew Black thoughtfully and faithfully takes these texts head on while addressing God’s call for us to be EarthKeepers and challenging today’s church to live into a new Earth ethic: an ethic focused on addressing modern environmental problems, reconnecting with land, water and wildlife, and bridging science and religion, social justice and environmentalism. This is a great teaching, preaching and Bible study resource for Genesis 1:25-2:1-15.
Nature Your Soul: The Call for a New Earth Ethic
In this dynamic sermon, Rev. Black lifts up the healing effects of nature while calling for spiritual leaders and faith communities to create and shape a New Earth Ethic. This ethic requires us to take challenging biblical texts head on, confront difficult scientific truths about the state of our environment and ultimately move forward in hope as we join the creator in responsible stewardship of creation and the healing of our world as we live into this new ethic!