EarthKeepers 360 is a movement focused on equipping spiritual leaders with the tools needed to effectively engage modern environmental issues. Through on the ground educational opportunities, community organizing and strategic civic engagement, Earth Keepers unites spiritual leaders from various traditions in shaping and embodying a new earth ethic.

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More than a thousand years ago, Indigenous people created a vibrant community at Chaco Canyon, in what is modern-day New Mexico, where they celebrated spiritual traditions, observed the heavens using ancient observatories, and developed an urban center unlike any other. For more than 300 years, the people of Chaco worked extensive

I write from the most ordinary of places – from ordinary urban parks in an ordinary American city, Louisville, KY, located on perhaps the most ordinary river in the U.S., the Ohio River.  I also sit on my screen porch in my urban/suburban backyard of trees and native plants.  I’m on

Recently, I was loaned a book. I was reading it outside, got distracted, and left it outside. That evening it rained and the book was ruined. I felt terrible. How do I make it right for the owner of the book? Even if I replace it, can I expect the owner

Located just north of heavily developed Clearwater Beach, Florida, the Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands State Parks are the most visited parks in Florida — and for good reason. The islands boast pristine wildlife habitat, award winning beaches, and incredible hiking and kayaking trails. They are a birder’s paradise, a beautiful destination