A Prayer Welcoming the Spring

By: Rev. Andrew Douglas Black

Creator God–As spring flowers begin to arise from the earth and the snow from our mountains forms the rivers of our valleys, we are reminded of the beauty and interconnectedness of your creation. As the birds arise to sing your praises and the tree leaves begin to form, we know you are the God of all life and your Spirit gives us each new breath. As the warmth of this spring day breaks forth, let us feel your warming presence among us and help this presence be what ground us in a deeper sense of community and unity with you and with all creation. As the animals begin to awaken from their deep winter sleep, You call us to awaken to your holy presence and wondrous work in the world. 

Oh Great Spirit Who Brings Forth Life, let us join you in this transformative work, awaken us to the fragile interconnectedness of all life and guide us in being more responsible stewards of a world blessed by so much enchantment. Help us to remember that we are all keepers of this beautiful and sacred place.  

Holy One,as we enter this season of new life, let us look beyond ourselves to higher purposes and even greater horizons. Help us to work toward the common good so that all our sisters and brothers throughout the world may be afforded the dignity, justice, love, respect and compassion that each of your children deserve. As we seek do justice and tackle the challenges that lie ahead, bestow upon each of us prophetic vision and faithful imagination needed to create long-term solutions that will benefit not only this generation, but the many generations still to come. 

For all these things we humbly pray, Amen. 

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