Earthkeepers/ September 21, 2020/ Blog

By: Ruby Gene Topple Hello! I’m a shoe, a hiking shoe to be exact. The giant who wears me says that my twin shoe and I are her favorite. She wears me everywhere, so much, it’s too many to count. I have so many precious memories, good and bad, you know… I think I’ll tell you a story now! Should

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Finding Communion and Community on America’s Trails—A Hospital Chaplain Reflects on Reconnecting with Nature in Times of COVID

Earthkeepers/ September 21, 2020/ Blog

(3 nights/4 days ~28 Miles) – Sept 4 – 7, 2020 By Rev. Chester Craig Topple, Hospital Chaplain “A period recourse into the wilds is not a retreat into secret silent sanctums to escape a wicked world, it is to take breath amid effort to forge a better world.” – Benton MacKaye This pandemic period has certainly shifted much of

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EarthKeepers 360 Opening Prayer NM Legislature 2019

Earthkeepers/ May 19, 2020/ Prayer

Rev. Andrew Black of Earth Keepers delivers the Opening Day Invocation for the 2019 New Mexico Legislature House of Representatives. Black speaks of the importance of valuing the many gifts of the Land of Enchantment and the need for responsible stewardship of God’s good creation.

Insult to Injury: A Shameful Display of Callousness Around Chaco Canyon

Earthkeepers/ May 19, 2020/ Blog

By: Rev. Andrew BlackMany have wondered what lengths the Trump administration would go to in its quest to turn our public lands over to oil and gas drilling – satisfying its so-called energy dominance agenda. It seems we have an answer: despite the fact that the Navajo Nation and many tribal communities have been disproportionately hit harder by the COVID-19

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Creation and Environmental Stewardship

Earthkeepers/ October 21, 2019/ Blog

Tony Arnold Go outside and spend some time observing.  Go for a walk in the park.  Go down to the creek or river or lake.  Go up to the mountains, into the forest, across the grasslands, out to the beaches and oceans.  What do you see?  How many different plants and trees?  Are any of the flowers glorious?  Are any of the butterflies, bees, dragonflies, or birds

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The Environment and My Journey of Faith

Earthkeepers/ September 2, 2019/ Blog

By Tony Arnold Our study of the Neighborhood Church book as prompted me to offer to share a little about how I live out my faith in the world outside of Sunday mornings at John Knox – and what I see as some of the important issues that the church as the worldwide body of Jesus Christ is wrestling with

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Use the Land With Love and Respect

Earthkeepers/ May 6, 2019/ Blog

As a child who fished, camped and hiked all over the Land of Enchantment, I learned early on that there’s nothing more awe-inspiring than watching a herd of elk cross the Valles Caldera or bighorn sheep scale the rugged cliffs of the Rio Grande Gorge or pronghorn bound across the plains.

A Prayer Welcoming the Spring

Earthkeepers/ March 27, 2019/ Prayer

By: Rev. Andrew Douglas Black Creator God–As spring flowers begin to arise from the earth and the snow from our mountains forms the rivers of our valleys, we are reminded of the beauty and interconnectedness of your creation. As the birds arise to sing your praises and the tree leaves begin to form, we know you are the God of

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